Cruising the French and Belgium Canals: A Retirement Dream Come True Retirement should be a time for relaxation and adventure. And what better way to achieve both than by cruising the European canals on a barge? For six years, my wife and I have lived our retirement dream on our barge, the Kendra Erin. It's been an unforgettable journey filled with new experiences, amazing people, and a slower pace of life that we've come to love. One of the best things about cruising the canals is that every day is an adventure. Each town or village you visit has something new to offer, whether it's a local market, a historic landmark, or simply breath-taking scenery. And because the canals are a tight-knit community, you're always meeting new people who share your passion for this unique lifestyle. Living on a barge is also a cost-effective way to retire. In some cases, mooring fees are free, and the cost of living in France is generally lower than in other parts of Europe. Plus, because you're living on the water, you don't have to worry about booking hotels or finding a place to stay. But perhaps the best thing about cruising the canals is the opportunity it provides to slow down and appreciate the simple things in life. There's something about being on the water, surrounded by nature, that makes you feel more mindful and relaxed. Whether you spend your time reading, painting, or just enjoying the scenery, the slower pace of life is a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Our barge, the Kendra Erin, has been our home away from home, at 71 ft long there was enough room. In conclusion, if you're looking for a retirement adventure that's both exciting and affordable, cruising the canals of France and Belgium on a barge is an excellent option. It's the best decision we ever made, and we wouldn't trade this lifestyle for anything.

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